Upcoming Sermon Series

Warning Lights Sermon Series

Warning lights are all around us. They’re in our cars, our homes, and we’ll even find them in planes. And the point of these warning lights? To warn us! While obviously stated, it’s true. Warning lights are there to tell us that something isn’t right while giving us direction during times of uncertainty and potential turbulence.

The same is true in life. When it comes to life as we know it, we can probably agree that there are plenty of warning signs. Whether they’re warning us of impending uncertainties or they’re the result of emotional, physical, economic, or spiritual turbulence, life’s warning signs often serve to remind us of how little control we have.

So…what do we do when the warning lights glare during times of turbulence and uncertainty? We once again turn to God and His Word!

Join us in the month of May for our upcoming “Warning Lights” sermon series where we will dive into God’s Word to see how His people responded during times of turbulence, while exploring how we are called to do the same by Praying, Remembering, Seeking, and Following.