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Red Letter SERVING Challenge

Sermon Series and Bible Study

Pastor Zach Zehnder, the author of the Red Letter Challenge series, recently shared that “one of the many negative byproducts of the American Dream is the focus on self. By looking to our own interests, expressing our individualism, and focusing on our own hard work and determination, too many of us place ourselves at the center. The more we look to serve our own interests, the further away we will be from a full and abundant life. Clearly, the ‘serve us’ mentality is not working.” He’s right. Instead, anxiety, depression, and loneliness are at an all time high in our country, while our culture continues to push the idea that focusing more on ourselves will somehow change the course. The reality is that joy is never found within ourselves; so, what gives?

Join us for our upcoming sermons series and Bible Study in October where we explore what this looks like by diving into five important aspects we see demonstrated through the way Jesus lived His life focused on others, rather than Himself. Our Bible Study will be held on Wednesday evenings from October 4-November 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall as we dive deeper into Jesus’ call for us to follow Him. Please Note: If you are not able to participate in Bible Study on Wednesdays, Terry Davis will offer this study on Sunday Mornings, beginning October 1.