2023 Stewardship Pledge

Please prayerfully consider taking the time to fill out our 2023 Stewardship Pledge form.

Thank you for practicing stewardship and regular intentional giving at St. Peter Lutheran Church and School! Some of the things we currently do:

What is Stewardship?
Stewardship is the concept that everything belongs to God because God created everything. He has given it to us to use, but we do not own it. We are simply stewards of our money, our houses, our cars, our planet, our time, even our children and that last breath we just took! We own nothing, we are just care-takers, stewards. Since we don’t own it, and God does, part of taking good care of it is to use some of it to advance His Kingdom.
What is Regular Intentional Giving?
Regular Intentional Giving is when we set aside a dollar amount or a percentage of our income per week, month, pay period, or whatever, and we give the same amount or percentage each period of time. It means that we end up giving to God first, off the top, at the beginning of the month – not as an afterthought at the end of the month IF there is any left over. It sometimes means that we are going to have to sacrifice something, and it definitely means that we are going to have to trust God – but that’s the point. Trust and sacrifice grow faith, and isn’t that what we are after?

If you’ve never practiced Regular, Intentional Giving, it can be scary. So start off with a small amount or percentage. Watch while God proves faithful. When you are ready, the Holy Spirit will motivate you to give more – but don’t put pressure on yourself. Start small – but start!

Electronic giving is a great way to practice Regular Intentional Giving because the same amount is donated out of your checking account whenever you specify. And yes, you can change or cancel it anytime.

Thank you for practicing Stewardship through Regular Intentional Giving at St. Peter! And God Bless You!